Articolo accademico di ramia Roberto Rodighiero

Leini (TO), 3 febbraio 2019 – La prestigiosa rivista accademica internazionale Sophia (Springer editore) ha pubblicato un articolo teologico-filosofico del nostro monaco ramia Roberto Rodighiero dal titolo Hunky Panentheism.

Panentheism, a frequently discussed view in recent theological debate, claims that the world is ‘in God’ but that God is ‘more than’ the world. Different theories of the structure of the world produce distinct panentheist views. According to the hunky structure, the world is composed of an infinite number of layers and lacks an ungrounded level. To depict this model, I employ the concepts of ‘grounding’ and ‘emergence.’ The outcome is that if the world is hunky and material reality emerges from such a structure, the world can be in God, but the model of God the Creator is dismissed.